Mission, Ethos & Values

Mission, Ethos & Values

In caring for the sick, we participate in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. We honour the ethos and spirit of Catherine McAuley, the Sisters of Mercy and the purpose for which the hospital was established: to heal, to offer hope, to bring peace of mind and, in so doing, to bear witness to a compassionate God who is present among us.

We pledge ourselves to reverence the dignity of human life at every level of its existence, believing that every person is made in the image of God. We respect the basic human rights of all persons and treat patients and their families, colleagues and all those who collaborate with us with respect, dignity and professionalism.

We accept the social teachings of the Church by fostering a multi-disciplinary team approach and creating a harmonious work environment where each member of staff is regarded as vital to the service and his/her contribution is valued. As a teaching hospital, we strive for excellence in our care for the sick through staff development, research and evaluation.

We exercise responsible stewardship by providing an equitable, efficient service, always mindful of the most vulnerable and advocating on their behalf when resources are required to meet their needs appropriately.

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