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Equality & diversity

Temple Street is committed to the provision of a service that is anti-racist and that promotes and celebrates diversity.  To this end the hospital has established a Diversity Committee whose role includes:

  • The development and promotion throughout the hospital of an Equality/Anti-Racist policy;
  • The development of staff training programmes to promote an awareness of anti-racism, diversity and best practice in this area;
  • A practice of service development which takes account of the diverse needs of different ethnic groups through gathering appropriate ethnicity data;
  • An ongoing consultation with community groups representing different ethnic groups in order to inform them about work on diversity within the hospital and to get feedback from them on our services.

crossing-handsThe Diversity Committee was set up in September 2000 and is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team. The Committee meets six times a year to discuss and progress its agenda. The Committee organises an annual consultative forum inviting local diversity and equality agencies to share information about their work, and the current issues that they share with Temple Street. Staff, visitors and patients are invited to join the Diversity Committee in their annual celebration of Diversity Day. This event celebrates culture of various groups through food, music and arts and crafts from both within the hospital and external parties.

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