W82Go Physical Activity Programme

CHI at Temple Street, 
Temple St. ,
Dublin 1

Location in hospital 

Outpatient Department of CHI at Temple Street, ground floor.

About Us

 The W82GO Healthy Lifestyles Service was established in 2005 in response to the increasing health problems associated with paediatric obesity. It is family based and is delivered by a multidisciplinary team comprising a part-time paediatric dietician, two part-time paediatric physiotherapists, two part-time paediatric clinical psychologists, a paediatric clinical nurse specialist and an administrative support team. 

W82GO provides families with health, nutrition, self-esteem, family communication and activity guidance along with support in a safe environment so that families can achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible for them. Treatment is delivered via a group-based evening programme or in one-to-one outpatient sessions during normal working hours.

Who is on our team? 

Dr. Grace O Malley Clinical lead, Nicola Sheridan Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, Dr. Aoife Brinkley Senior Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Kathy Looney, Clinical Psychologist, Lucinda Case Senior Phsyiotherapist


We offer obesity management for children, teenagers and their families through education and goal setting to move towards a healthy lifestyle, with input from clinicians from the following specialities; 

Physiotherapy- we focus on improving health through physical activity and reducing barriers to physical activity. 

Dietetics- we focus on improving health by changes to what participants eat, the type of food, the portion size and other dietary factors. 

Psychology- we focus on improving health by encouraging and teaching families how to make changes to lifestyle habits, routines and behaviour. We support families in making positive changes. 

We provide support through individual or group treatments


Referrals are accepted from any consultant in CHI at Temple Street. Referral forms are on the W82GO.ie website .

Any queries regarding referrals please contact : Sarah Delaney, W82GO administrative assistant on 01 8921838 or

What to expect at your outpatient appointment

Your child’s doctor has referred your child to the W82GO service as he/she was concerned about your child’s weight. The W82GO team includes a dietician, a physiotherapist, and a psychologist. The first step for your child is to attend a team assessment. 

 At this first appointment, the team will come up with a plan of how we might support you and your child to make healthy changes. The assessment appointment will take between 60 and 90 minutes and it takes place on the ground floor of the outpatients department. When you arrive, please check in at the outpatient reception desk. 

It will be necessary for at least one parent/guardian to accompany your child to this appointment. Your child should wear comfortable clothing (e.g. tracksuit) and runners.

 At the appointment, your child will:

  • Have their growth measured (height, weight and waist circumference). This is done in a sensitive manner.
  • The Dietitian will check whether your child is getting the right nutrients for healthy growth. She will ask you about what types of food your child eats and how much they eat and drink each day.
  • The Physiotherapist will check your child’s activity levels, will measure how fit they are and will check whether your child has any barriers to moving and playing (e.g. pain or breathlessness).
  • The Psychologist will talk to you about things that might be making it difficult to make healthy changes (e.g. stress, difficulties with behaviour, or fussy eating habits). The Psychologist will also talk to you about how your child is getting on with other children and whether you have any concerns about their confidence and self-esteem.

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Do you offer work shadowing or clinical placement?

We offer health professionals an opportunity to shadow our clinics and our evening group sessions to provide insight into how our obesity management service works with patients and their families. 

Contact us

For further inquiries please contact 

Nicola Sheridan (Acting clinical lead W82GO) 01-8921710 or

Or for referral or generic information please contact

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