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Speech and Language Therapy (Children and Families)

Speech and Language Therapy Department
St Frances Clinic
CHI at Temple Street
Temple Street
Dublin 1
Telephone: 01 8921918

Location in hospital

St Frances’ Clinic, at the bottom of the A&E lane

About us - what is Speech and Language Therapy?

Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) is concerned with the assessment and treatment of speech, language and communication problems in people of all ages to help them better communicate. Speech and Language Therapists also work with people who have eating and swallowing problems.

Names of current team members (some of whom are currently on leave)

Tanya Gilroy, Cathy McQuillan, Noirin Carroll, Sharon Keogh, Celine Lenihan, Imogen Carter, Claire Gavaghan, Ciara McKay, Niamh Ward

Services provided

SLTs in CHI at Temple Street work as a tertiary service and we see a variety of children who present with communication or swallowing difficulties associated with a medical condition. We see inpatients and outpatients and we work as part of multidisciplinary teams within a wide variety of speciality services in the hospital, such as:

  • Cleft Lip and Palate
  • Neurosurgery
  • Neurology
  • Paediatric Liaison Service
  • Ear, Nose and Throat
  • Respiratory
  • Radiology
  • Craniofacial

We also provide specialist services in feeding such as videofluoroscopy, and specialist speech assessments such as nasendoscopy, speech videofluoroscopy and second opinion services for velopharyngeal incompetence.

Access: Referral process

For most referrals, the child must be referred by a CHI at Temple Street Consultant or a member of their team within CHI at Temple Street (with the agreement of the Consultant). The child must be an in-patient of CHI at Temple Street, or regularly attend CHI at Temple Street as an out-patient under the care of a CHI at Temple Street Consultant.

The only exceptions to this are:

  • Videofluoroscopy: Referrals for videofluoroscopy can be made by any Paediatric Consultant nationally and should be addressed to the Radiology Department, Children’s Health Ireland at Temple St, who process referrals and manage the waiting list and appointments. Speech and Language Therapists who have confirmed that a child on their caseload is on the videofluoroscopy waitlist should complete the Videofluoroscopy Information and Preparation Form below and send it into the Speech and Language Therapy Department before the child’s appointment date. Any Speech and Language Therapist involved in a child’s dysphagia care is welcome to attend that child’s videofluoroscopy appointment along with the child and parent.
  • Second Opinion Assessments of Speech and Resonance: The SLT department accepts referrals from outside agencies/ professionals for second opinion assessments of speech and resonance disorders. Referrals may be directed to the Speech and Language Therapy Manager, St Frances’ Clinic, CHI at Temple Street, Temple Street, Dublin 1.

Current Update on Waiting Times:

We are currently under-staffed and therefore our waiting times for services have increased. Depending on a child’s needs, our current waiting time for new outpatient referrals is 10-12 months. We are endeavouring to prioritise children with the highest needs and our prioritisation criteria can be viewed at the attached link. 


The information provided on this site is updated regularly and when staffing levels increase we are optimistic that our wait times will improve. However in the interim we appreciate your patience. If you have any urgent queries or concerns, please contact the SLT department on the contact information provided at the bottom of this page and leave a message stating who you are calling about and the reasons for your call. We will endeavour to respond to you as quickly as possible.

What to expect at your outpatient appointment

  • Feeding and videofluoroscopy assessments: You may be asked to bring some food and drinks that your child enjoys, as well as utensils such as bottles/beakers/cups that they would use at home.  
  • Speech/communication assessments: We may send out a questionnaire on your child’s development prior to the appointment. We would appreciate if these could be filled out and brought to the appointment.

How to cancel your appointment:

  • For Speech and Language Therapy appointments, call St Frances’ Clinic Reception at 01-8921918
  • For videofluoroscopy appointments, please call Radiology on 01-8784264/            01-8784265

Useful links and resources

Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists 

Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists 

Do you offer work shadowing or clinical placement?

We consider all requests for shadowing and clinical placement/supervision. Decisions about whether to provide these opportunities are made on a case-by-case basis by the team depending on the SLT resources available at the time of the request. 

Contact us

Mon - Friday from 9am - 5pm

SLT Manager Tanya Gilroy: 01-8921918



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