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Outpatients (Children and Families)

Outpatients Department (OPD)

CHI at Temple Street
Temple Street
Dublin 1
Tel: (01) 878 4218
Fax: (01) 8785555
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9am – 12.30pm & 2pm – 4pm

There are a number of outpatient departments throughout CHI at Temple Street and clinics run from 8.30am – 5pm Monday – Friday. The main outpatients department is located in lane way across the road from the hospital’s Emergency Department.

If you have received an appointment is very important that you arrive at the time stated on your letter. We understand that something may come up and you may not be able to attend for your child’s appointment. If this happens we ask that you contact the department as soon as possible to cancel your appointment and make a new appointment. This will allow us to offer your unwanted appointment time to another child. This will reduce the waiting time for everyone.

Do we have your mobile number?

We at CHI at Temple Street Children’s Hospital provide an Outpatient Text Messaging Reminder Service.  This will remind you when your child has an appointment. When you register for your appointment please make sure we have your up to date mobile number.

Reminders will be sent to you before your child’s next scheduled appointment.

A contact number and email address is provided in the message so that you can let us know if the appointment does not suit.


TEMPLE STREET Waiting List Validation Project 2015

Temple Street is now embarking on the second validation project which involves contacting 12,000 patients.

We will be writing to all patients on our waiting list in the next few months. It is really important that people take time to read these letters and take action by emailing or calling us. This letter will include an email address and telephone number for the Public OPD (Outpatients Department) Validation Service where we have a team of staff dedicated to this validation project and ready to take calls and answer emails.

If you receive a letter and contact us, we will update your records and ensure you are communicated with regarding your OPD appointment. At times the validation services staff will be very busy answering calls and we ask you to bear with us and we will get to all calls as quickly as possible. All voicemails will be answered as promptly as possible.

We are working hard to provide appointments on dates that suit patients, which in turn will mean that we should have fewer “no shows” which put an unnecessary burden on the hospital. In 2014 we had 76,044 attendances at our outpatient clinics across all specialties and we had approximately 12,662 instances where patients did not attend their appointment or notify us in advance. We hope that with improved communication we will be able to reduce this number significantly and provide improved access to our outpatient clinics.


What is Validation?

Validation is the process whereby patients are regularly contacted by hospitals to see if they are still waiting and/or still require an appointment at our public OPD clinics. Evidence based reviews of waiting lists identifies that significant numbers of patients added to the waiting list will ultimately not present for their appointment. These patients may no longer require the appointment, have had an appointment elsewhere or there are times where we don’t have the correct details in our records for the patient. We make every effort to contact a patient with the details listed on the referral.  The aim of a validation exercise is to identify these patients as early as possible so that the active waiting list only contains patients who are available for an appointment if scheduled. It also ensures that capacity is targeted to those who most require it. All our referrals are triaged by a consultant led team and priorities are given to the most urgent cases. At minimum, all patients on a waiting list for three months or more should be validated every six months.

How can Waiting List validation help me?

By validating a waiting list CHI at Temple Street will be able to offer first appointments more efficiently

How do I respond to my validation letter?

Please provide the following information with your response

Ref number (top right hand corner of letter H00)

Childs name and DOB

Appointment/remain on waiting list still required or not required.
By email to

By phone to our dedicated phone line 01 878 4589 between the hours 8.00 -16.00 Monday to Friday.

By post to Validation Department, Public OPD, CHI at Temple Street, Dublin 1.

Will I be offered an appointment if I respond?

Unfortunately the validation process is only managing the waiting list. The validation team is not in a position to inform parents/guardians of how long each waiting list is.  Any appointments will be made through the OPD . We will however be able to tell you if you have an existing appointment scheduled.

Do I need to respond if I already have appointments in the future?

Yes. It is very important that you respond even if you have a scheduled appointment. If we don’t hear from you within 14 days from the date on the letter we will assume you no longer require the appointment and we may remove your child from the waiting list and cancel any future related appointment.

My details have changed and I didn’t get the letter in time?

Please contact the Validation Department by phone, email or post (contact details above) as soon as possible to reinstate your place on the waiting list.

I have been removed from the waiting list but still require an appointment?

Please contact the validation department by phone, email or post as soon as possible to reinstate your place on the waiting list. A delay in doing this may result in your GP having to re-refer your child.


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