Pain Control Service (HP)

Pain and Symptom Control Service
Temple Street Children’s University Hospital
Temple Street
Dublin 1
Tel: (01) 878 4548
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm
The Pain Control Service in TSCUH cares for many different patients who undergo surgical procedures or who have illnesses that are very painful. Our goal is to keep the children safe and comfortable and we work with your child’s surgeon or paediatrician to achieve this.

Though completely eliminating pain after surgery would be ideal, it is frequently not possible because of the side effects of the pain medications but good pain management should reduce pain to a level that allows your child to sleep reasonably at night, be alert during the day and participate in their recovery.

If your child is having surgery or has a medical condition that requires extra measures to control their pain, your surgeon or doctor will contact the Pain Service. We have daily ward rounds to ensure that pain is safely and effectively controlled, and can answer any questions you have about pain and its treatment. Your nurse will know how to reach us if you have a question or concern about your child’s pain.

If your child requires pain relieving medication in an infusion such as Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) or Nurse Controlled Analgesia (NCA) this will be discussed with you and you will be receive written information.

After their operation or procedure the nurse caring for your child will frequently ask your child to rate their pain on a scale of 0 to 10, with “0″ being “no pain” and “10″ being “the worst pain you can imagine.” This will helps us know how well your child is recovering and if we need to make any changes.

It is worth remembering that as well as medication that there are also other ways to relieve your child’s pain. These include listening to music, changing position in bed, reading or playing games. When used along with medication, these techniques can reduce your child’s pain and anxiety.

When your child is going home the nurse caring for your child will give you advice about what pain medication you can give your child at home.

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