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Dialysis Unit (HP)

Dialysis Unit

CHI at Temple Street
Temple Street
Dublin 1
Tel: (01) 878 4337
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm

Peritoneal Dialysis

Peritoneal Dialysis is a form of dialysis which can be carried out at home. Fluid is placed into the peritoneal cavity in the abdomen / tummy area. This fluid then draws waste products and excess fluid from the blood. The fluid is then drained out and disposed of.

Children who are suitable for peritoneal dialysis begin the treatment in hospital. During this time parents are trained how to perform the dialysis at home. Once parents are fully trained their child will be discharged home and their child will be monitored through the renal outpatient clinic.


Haemodialysis is the process of circulating blood through a machine to remove excess waste fluid. The treatment is delivered to children who are both inpatients and outpatients. Usually a session lasts 3 hours, three times a week. Currently our haemodialysis unit which is within St Michaels C ward is open 6 days a week 7.30am – 6.30pm

Renal Team

The renal team will endeavour to deliver the highest standard of individualised holistic care to your child and your family. We aim to educate and support you to live a good quality lifestyle while managing a renal condition. Education is provided on an on-going basis from nursing, medical and dietetic staff.


The renal dietician will liaise with each family and will tailor a diet to suit each child’s medical needs while considering their personal preferences. To discuss any concerns with her, please ring 01- 878 4456.

Medical Social Worker

The renal social worker who is contactable through the social work department on 01-878 4212 provides practical information and emotional support to families.

Play Specialist

Olive, the play specialist is available on the ward Mon-Fri to provide distraction therapy and a stimulating environment appropriate to each child’s developmental needs.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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