Allied Services

Allied Services

Mr. Fergus Ashe,
Allied Services Manager
CHI at Temple Street
Dublin 1
Tel: (01) 878 4507
Fax: (01) 878 4502
Email: Hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm

The Allied Services Department provides and manages the following services to the hospital.

Health and Safety

Advice, information and training to Department Heads and staff and to senior management in relation to legislative and regulatory requirements. Liaison with relevant external agencies. Assistance to Heads on departments in relation to risk assessments. Attendance and participation in health and safety committees which aim to improve the safety within the hospital. Investigation of incidents where necessary and liaison with Risk Management Department.

Fire Safety

Fire Orders, Fire Training (General Staff, Fire Wardens, Use of Evacuation Sheets, specialist training) Management of Fire Alarm Systems. Liaison with external agencies including Fire Services, Fire Consultants, Fire Alarm Company. Liaison with Maintenance department regarding the maintenance of fire doors and emergency lighting. Direct advice to heads of departments and staff in relation to fire safety and where necessary facilitating advice via the fire safety consultant for senior management and heads of department.

Waste Management

Management of the waste service between the Hospital and waste contractors. Liaison with department heads and staff in relation to waste, responsibilities. Dealing with external agencies in relation to Waste Management regulations and other issues. Promotion of environmental awareness programmes. Advice to senior management in relation to regulatory and legislative requirements.


Management of Security Contract. Advice and information to hospital management, heads of department and staff. Carrying out investigations and reporting on incidents where necessary. Liaison with An Garda Siochana. Management of security systems including CCTV, intruder alarms, panic alarms. Involvement in Staff training programmes.

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