FACTS Terms of Reference (ToR)

FACTS Terms of Reference (ToR)

Temple Street Children’s University Hospital is committed to ensuring that the knowledge and experience of our staff and service users is respected, valued and drawn upon to influence and shape the quality of care and service we deliver within and outside of the hospital environment.


In 2012, the Engagement Advisory group was established as part of the Engagement Initiative within the hospital. Initially known as the Engagement Advisory Group, the group will be known as FACTS – Family Advisory Committee Temple Street from September 2014. The committee will report into the Governance, Quality and Patient Safety committee.

Key objectives 

  • To provide a forum for service users and staff for creative thinking
  • To respond to questions about services and raise issues as appropriate
  • To influence future service planning and development
  • To be involved in discussions and make recommendations on ways in which improvements can be made to services
  • To impact on information provision for parents – for example – what parents can expect from all levels of staff
  • To identify representatives to sit on other groups as appropriate
  • To seek the views of the wider community of parents or carers of children with illness, acute or chronic and to explore ideas to capture the patient experience (i.e appropriate feedback system)
  • To reach the underrepresented organisations
  • To be involved in planning for transitioning to the new children’s hospital (NCH)


  • Total number of members of the Engagement Advisory Group approximately 12
  • The core members must be made up of parents or service users who have experience of using the service at Temple Street Children’s University Hospital
  • The staff members must be made up of interested participants who have an interest in Service User Engagement
  • Aim to have a higher ratio of service users than staff
  • Quorum – at least four Service Users and two staff members
  • As well as having members from a wide range of backgrounds, FACTS will have responsibility for feeding in the views of the broader community. Mechanisms will be put in place to gather these views.
  • Members may suggest ideas related to increasing or maintaining membership of service users
  • Members to discuss opening meeting to children or youth panel in the future.


  • The location of meetings will be chosen in consultation with the members, to make them as accessible as possible to as many – the hospital is deemded most suitable
  • Meetings dates and times will be set after discussion with FACTS members.
  • Chairperson to be nominated by the committee every two years
  • The committee may request that representatives sit on other groups and Boards where appropriate whilst cognisant of time constraints.
  • Notes of the meetings will be recorded to include names of those present and all decisions and action taken. These will generally be circulated within two weeks of the meeting
  • This Advisory Group  (FACTS) will report into the Engagement Working  Group through feedback from Member representation & Minutes of the meeting
  • Other professionals may be asked to attend the group to address specific issues relating to services as required. For example – Diabetes, Chaplaincy, NCH representatives.
  • Membership of the group will be reviewed regularly to ensure that the views of different service users are represented on an on-going basis
  • Membership will not exceed three years.

Business model

A review and evaluation of the committee was undertaken in 2013 with assistance from Dr Liz Hayes, Consultant, Corporate Community. The business model going forward was agreed under three headings;

  • Feedback
  • Innovative Theme – link to voice of child, transition
  • Reach out
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