FACTS activity

FACTS activity

FACTS met five times over 2014 and communicated with each other in between meetings to drive its’ agenda and activity.

The committee managed it’s business under the Feedback, Innovation and Outreach framework and included;

1. Feedback  

  • Parental Presence in Theatre Policy – a document was sent by a Temple Street Consultant Anaesthetist to the group for discussion and feedback.  Small changes were suggested and taken on board with an overarching support of the new policy
  • WIFI access – discussion continued on the long documented desire for WIFI access in the hospital and the internal consultation process and work undertaken by the hospital’s Virtual Access Working Group in Q4 2014 to look at options for introducing WIFI to the hospital. FACTS fed back on the various options proposed to the hospital’s Communications Manager
  • Hygiene media reports and overall audits – these were shared throughout the year with FACTS and actions required to improve results were also shared. A parent representative also attended the Hand Hygiene campaign launch on 08.10.14.
  • Governance & Patient Care Committee representative Catriona Sharkey shared her experiences on the above committee wit FACTS.

2. Innovation/Theme

  • Transition – A parent representative from FACTS will attend the NCH Transition Working Group and information from the Transition Survey was shared with the Group.
  • Voice of Child – The FACTS staff representative, Anne McGillivary gave an overview of the work of the hospital’s Resource Group arising from the Statement of Intent with a special focus on the OPD project.  The FACTS discussed in detail and ideas for sourcing feedback from children were shared with the Resource Group.

3. Reach Out

  • Branding – The new FACTS logo was adopted and it was agreed to start communications on FACTS to wider hospital including a designated notice board on link corridor, information on www.cuh.ie and a designated email address.
  • NCH – The NCH Design Team representative attended the FACTS meeting in October to give a brief overview of proposed plans.


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