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Location in hospital:

Playroom is located on the first floor above St. Philomena’s ward. The sign for the Play Department is a Monkey.

About Us – Play Department

Our aim is to assist in the creation of a welcoming, caring and safe family centred environment by providing play facilities appropriate to the needs of the patients and their families.

We provide supervises play facilities in the playroom, multi-sensory room and garden. The team comprises of play specialists and play assistants who provide specialised and normal play. 

Play specialists are part of multi-disciplinary teams specialising in specific medical and surgical conditions. They prepare children for medical and surgical procedures while in hospital, distract them during procedures and follow up with post-procedural play.

Names of current team members

Julie, Jill, Olive, Veronica, Jenny and Caroline

Playroom, Multi-Sensory Room and Garden

The playroom is a happy stimulating environment where play occurs naturally. It is also a distraction for the children from the hospital environment. Within the playroom, there is a wide range of activities for children for 6mths to 16 years to engage in.  The playroom opens Monday – Friday 9.30 (10.00 Tuesday) -12.15 and 1.30pm – 4pm. 

Our Multi-Sensory Room is a unique environment within the hospital. It facilitates relaxation and escapism for children and young people through the specialised equipment. The room can be used with individual children or small groups. Each session is individualised according to the specific needs of the child or young person. A small interactive sensory garden offers solitude, privacy and an opportunity for the children to explore and communicate with the natural world.  

A session in the Multi-Sensory Room is by appointment only.

Pet Therapy

Peata is an organisation that brings pets in to caring institutions. We have two dogs that visit on alternative weeks, with their owner. The initiative provides children in the hospital with many benefits and creates a sense of pleasure and fun. The visit is an event, for long term patients to look forward to and also be a pleasurable experience for all inpatients.

Pre – admission Club

The pre –admission club is held once a month of a Saturday. The aim is to prepare children for hospital admission and elective surgery.  The pre-admission improve knowledge and understanding of surgery, thus reducing anxiety and improve co-operation during procedures. 

Watch the Ben and Tara’s Visits to the Hospital videos here:


The Play Department also host different themed events through the year.

Access: referral process

Referral Process

All children who are staying in CHI at Temple Street (in-patients) are welcome in the playroom during opening hours. 

Access to the multi-sensory room and garden is by appointment only. 

Referrals for specialised play and access can be made to one of the nurses caring for your child or sent directly to Caroline Flynn.

Useful links and resources:  – information on Play in Hospital  – How to become a Play Specialist – How to become a volunteer

Do you offer work shadowing or clinical placement?

We only offer clinical placements to third level student in early childhood Education and Play Specialism as places are limited. 

We only take volunteers who are trained and recruited by Children in Hospital Ireland.

Contact us

Caroline Flynn
Play Department 
CHI at Temple Street
Temple Street

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