Clinical Photography

Temple Street Children’s University Hospital
Temple Street
Dublin 1

Mr Paul Coffey, Senior Clinical Photographer
Email:  ei.hu1566691637c@yef1566691637foc.l1566691637uap1566691637
Phone: 01 878 4549
Bleep: #822

About us - what is Clinical Photography?

Clinical Photography is the taking of photographs of patients for the purposes of diagnosis, treatment and review and it is normally requested by a Doctor or Surgeon. The patients parent or guardian signs a consent form and the Clinical Photographer will take the photographs as soon as possible after that. These photographs are then processed and stored securely by the Clinical Photographer. If a printed copy is requested, one is provided for the patients chart. Occasionally Clinical Photography will be repeated at a later date to track the patients progress. Clinical Photography can take place at clinic, on the ward, in the operating theatre, in the Emergency Department or in the photography studio.

Names of current team members 

Paul Coffey

Services provided

  • Clinical photography 
  • Clinical videography
  • Printing for chart
  • Creating material for research, educational and presentation projects
  • Non-clinical photography including hospital events and palliative photography

Access: referral process

Requests for Clinical Photography are made through your consultant or through the ward the patient is attending.

Useful links and resources

Do you offer work shadowing or clinical placement?

The Clinical Photography Department offers shadowing opportunities.


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