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Chaplaincy Department

Location in: 
St. Joan’s Corridor, 
CHI at Temple Street,
Temple Street, 
Dublin 1

About Us

  • The Chaplains at CHI at Temple Street are specifically trained in pastoral care in a hospital setting and work as part of the multidisciplinary team in the hospital. 
  • The Chaplaincy Department seeks to meet the pastoral and emotional needs of the patients, families and staff by offering support in the healthcare setting. 
  • We are available to be a source of comfort, empathy, compassion and hope to families particularly during times of crisis or bereavement.
  • At the request of families we facilitate blessings and also liaise with a family’s own priest or minister to arrange sacramental or pastoral care. 
  • We organise and lead services for families and/or staff.
  • At the request of families we offer assistance to them in resolving issues that involve ethical, cultural and religious dilemmas.
  • We facilitate presentations and educational talks as part of staff induction.

Names of current team members

Ms Carmel Battigan and Ms Rachel Cooney.

Services provided:

The Chaplains visit the wards daily and you may see one of us during your stay.  If we miss you on our visits and you or your family would like to talk to a Chaplain, please ask the nurse to contact the Chaplaincy Department.  If your family has a particular religious background or church tradition it would be helpful if you could make this known to the staff on your admission.

We are available to offer spiritual or emotional support to you and your family in whatever way is appropriate.

The Chaplains administer Emergency Baptisms at the request of parents and if parents so request we will arrange for the Hospital Parish Priests to administer other sacraments as appropriate. 

The Hospital Chapel: 

  • The Hospital Chapel is open from 7am to 8pm daily.
  • Mass is celebrated in our Hospital Chapel every Sunday at 9:30am, all are welcome. - These services are currently paused due to Covid 19 Restrictions
  • The Chaplains will bring Holy Communion to families and staff at their request. - These services are currently paused due to Covid 19 Restrictions

The Multifaith Room:

Is located on St. Joan’s Corridor in the hospital and contains Multifaith resources. It is a quiet space for peoples of all faiths and no faith. It is a space where people can pray, meditate or take some quiet time for themselves.

For Visiting Clergy:

We are always pleased to welcome patient’s own clergy to the hospital and to contact clergy of other faiths if requested by families. We would ask that families and/or visiting clergy would inform The Chaplaincy Team of their visit so that we can arrange clearance for the visitors with ward staff before entering a ward. In general, Sacraments are administered by the Hospital Chaplains and/or the family's own priest; however please inform the Chaplaincy department if in the event your Priest or Minister administers a Sacrament.

Access: referral process

If you or a member of your family would like to talk to one of us, please ask the ward nurse to contact the Chaplaincy Department through our switch board.

Useful links and resources: 

Do you offer work shadowing or clinical placement?

Clinical Pastoral Education Placement can be organised through Supervisors of CPE Centres and the Coordinator of Chaplaincy Services.

Contact us:

A member of our team is available Monday-Friday until 5pm

You can contact a member of the Chaplaincy Team though our switch board on 018784200 or email the Chaplaincy Team at

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