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Please supervise your child when you are visiting the hospital.

Temple Street’s Child Safeguarding Statement

Food Safety

The hospital adheres to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) to ensure the safety of food from preparation to point of delivery. When your child is an inpatient: Ward staff cannot store or reheat food brought in from outside the Hospital. We ask that parents/guardians talk to ward staff about their child’s food likes and dislikes. Patients are not allowed to use the restaurant facilities and parents/guardians are asked not to bring food /meals from the canteen to the ward. We ask that parents/guardians make sure that their child only eats meals that are provided by the main kitchen or diet kitchen We ask parents not to bring hot drinks to ward or out patients areas as there is a danger that children may be hurt.

Security/ID Badges

Visitors to the hospital must report to the reception desk at the main entrance. All members of staff wear an identity badge showing their photo and their name. If you meet someone not wearing a badge please ask them to introduce themselves or ask to see their badge. If you see anyone or anything that looks suspicious, please inform a member of staff immediately for the safety of children, families and hospital staff. Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) cameras are located throughout the hospital and are monitored by our security staff 24 hours a day.

Fire Procedure

Our fire alarm is tested once a week, on a Tuesday morning. If there is a fire within the hospital, our fire response team and ward staff will tell you what you must do. Please do not use the lifts unless asked to do so by the Fire Brigade. The nurse-in-charge of each ward or department will decide if parents are allowed to stay with their children. The decision would be in the interest of their child’s safety. You will be told when it is safe to re-enter the building. If you discover a fire please raise the alarm by telling a member of staff or pressing a red fire alarm break glass unit.


Inappropriate behaviour to staff and others such as swearing, drunkenness and threatening comments by visitors, parents or children will not be tolerated. It is hospital policy that any person who treats any member of staff in this way will be removed from the premises.

In the interest of staff and patient safety, incidents will be reported to the Gardai immediately and charges brought against offenders.

Parents, carers or guardians are not allowed to wear pyjamas or night wear in public areas of the hospital. These areas include :

  • Wards
  • Restaurant
  • Corridors


Hygiene is a very important part of our hospital’s quality system, it is essential in the prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections. We continue to work to provide a safe clean environment for the care of your child. If you have any hygiene concerns you would like to discuss please contact our Hygiene Services Standards Co-ordinator.

Contact details

Cait O’Tierney
Hygiene Services Standards Co-ordinator
CHI at Temple Street
Temple Street
Dublin 1
Tel: (01) 878 4658


This is the simplest, most effective way to reduce the risk of spreading infection. You should wash your hands before you look after your child, after you go to the bathroom, handle uncooked foods, change a nappy, blow your nose or touch rubbish. Alcohol hand gels are available throughout the hospital to remove germs from clean hands. Feel free to ask our staff if they have washed their hands.

Your Property

The Hospital does not accept responsibility for property belonging to you or your child during your visit. Please do not bring valuables or large sums of money into the hospital. Do not leave handbags or any other property unattended during your visit/stay. It is not advisable for children to bring in their mobile phones, Nintendo DS or other portable devices as they are small and may be misplaced or lost.

No Smoking/Alcohol Policy

Smoking is not allowed inside the hospital.

Since February 2013 CHI at Temple Street Children’s Hospital is a no smoking campus. If you wish to smoke please do so outside the blue perimeter line you see painted to indicate the edge of hospital grounds.

Alcohol is not permitted in or around the hospital under any circumstances.

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