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Welcome to the area of the website for children – You may come to visit as an outpatient or to stay in our hospital for the day, overnight or for a few days. During this time you may have tests carried out, an operation or receive treatment. This part of the website contains information you may find useful.

Meet our staff

All our staff  wear a hospital identification badge

Administration Staff

Throughout the hospital we have a large number of administration staff. You will meet these staff members in the X-Ray Department, Admissions Department, Out Patients Departments and on the wards.

It is a member of the Administration Staff you will meet when you are checking in to the hospital as an inpatient or outpatient. They will make sure your child’s details are up to date on our computer system and their Healthcare Record. When you checking in for an appointment or to stay it is very important that you make sure we have your up to date details. These details will be needed if we need to contact you.

We have introduced a text reminder service for all our OPD appointments. Please contact us any time you change your mobile number.

Outpatients Department (OPD)
Temple Street Children’s University Hospital
Temple Street
Dublin 1
Tel: (01) 878 4281
Fax: (01) 878 4218
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9am – 12.30pm & 2pm – 4pm

Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP)

Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) are highly qualified, experienced nurses who may be involved in your child’s care. The ANP in our Emergency Department (ED) is experienced in the care of children with cuts and broken bones.  Within our hospital each ANP wears a uniform which includes a pink top and navy trousers.


An Anaesthetist is a medical doctor trained to give anaesthetic medication to adults or children. This medication is used to put children to sleep (unconscious) and to ensure that they remain unconscious during their operation.

Anaesthetists also work as part of the pain control team. One of our Consultant Anaesthetists runs an OPD clinic for chronic pain.


The Audiology Department which can be found in St. Frances Clinic performs hearing tests for children referred to the department by a hospital consultant. In addition to hearing tests our audiologists perform behavioural and objective testing is also carried out within the Department.

Chaplaincy Team

Out team of three chaplains, offer support to families and staff of all faiths or those with no particular faith background.

Clinical Nurse Manager (CNM)

A Clinical Nurse Manager (CNM) is the manager of a ward or nursing team with responsibility for patient care, staff support and education. There are three levels of CNM.

  • CNM 1 who wears a light blue uniform top and navy trousers
  • CNM 2 who wears a light blue uniform top and navy trousers
  • CNM 3 who may wear a dark blue uniform top and trousers or does not wear a uniform.

Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)

 We have a number of specialist nurses working within multidisiplinary teams in the hospital. The role of the CNS includes coordinating tests, appointments and treatment plans for children. Each CNS wears light blue uniform top and navy trousers

Clinical Education Facilitator (CEF)

Our Clinical Education Facilitators work in a number of areas in the hospital. Their role includes ongoing education of nursing staff. Our CEF’s wear a blue striped top and navy trousers.

Clinical Respiratory Scientist

Our Clinical Respiratory Scientists carry out a number of breathing tests to measure how well a child’s lungs are working. The results of these tests are used to decide how best to treat children with respiratory conditions. Our Clinical Scientists wear a purple top and navy trousers.

Clinical Secretary

A clinical secretary types up all letters for the Consultant who is looking after your child. The letter will be sent to your GP or referring doctor to keep them up to date about your child’s condition. You can also contact the secretary to make an out-patients’ appointment. You will find each secretary’s contact details on the back of your child’s appointment card.


A Consultant is a senior medical or surgical doctor with specialist experience. The Consultant may be the doctor overseeing the care of a child or a doctor who has been asked to assist in the care of your child.

In our hospital doctors do not wear a white coat


A team of dietitians work within the hospital and many of them work as part of a specialist team. They use their knowledge of clinical nutrition to help children to improve their health or to treat their illness. Some dietitians wear a grey coloured top and trousers.

Health Care Assistant (HCA)

Health Care Assistants (HCAs) are involved in the delivery of care to patients under the supervision of Clinical Nurse Managers and qualified nursing staff. We have HCA’s working in a number of areas within the hospital.

HCAs wear a uniform with purple top and navy trousers.

Intravenous Therapy (IV) Nursing Team

Our team of IV nurses provides a six day service. They are experienced in inserting IV (which means ‘going into the vein’) lines or drip lines and specialist long term IV lines. Our IV nurses wear a blue top and navy trousers.

Medical Social Worker (MSW)

The Medical Social Work (MSW) department offers a number of services to children and their families, both on an in /outpatient basis. A child’s illness and hospital visits can be a stressful time for families. Because of this they offer both practical and emotional support to help them these difficulties. MSW offer support and counselling to children, parents and families who have a new diagnosis of illness or long-term condition


A Neonatologist is a doctor who specialises in caring for premature and new born babies.

In our hospital doctors do not wear a white coat.

Non Consultant Hospital Doctor (NCHD)

An NCHD is a doctor who cares for an adult or child under the supervision of a Consultant.

In our hospital doctors do not wear a white coat.


A nurse is a healthcare professional who cares for adults and children who may be sick. A nurse helps to teach adults, children and families about healthy living and how to manage their illness. Qualified nurses wear a white top with a blue border on the sleeves and navy trousers.

Occupational Therapist (OT)

The OT works with children and families to assess and help them complete every day activities to the best of their ability. Everyday activities include washing, using the toilet, dressing, eating / drinking, going to school and playing. The OT will help by teaching a child to learn new skills, suggest equipment, splint a part of their body or give advice on their environment. The OT wears a green polo shirt and navy trousers.


A Paediatrician is a medical doctor who specialises in diagnosing and treating illness in babies and children. In our hospital doctors do not wear a white coat.

Play Specialist

A Play Specialist is a person who through play, helps to reduce any negative effects of staying in hospital for children. The play specialist plans and organises play programmes for children of all age groups appropriate to their development needs, condition and background. Our play specialists provide play activities for children to normalise their hospital experience. Our play specialists can prepare children for hospital procedures, distracts them when the procedures are happening and follow up with play when the procedure is over.

Our Play Specialists wear a top with fun images and navy trousers.

Portering Staff

Portering staff work throughout the hospital providing a variety of services depending on the area.


Our phlebotomists are trained to take blood samples from children. They use a number of methods to address any fears or discomfort your child may have. Our phlebotomists wear a uniform with a white top which has a red band around the sleeves and navy trousers.


The Physiotherapy Department is in the main Out Patients Department (OPD). Our team of physiotherapists work as part of the multidisiplinary team caring for children. Physiotherapists in our hospital treat children using specific play and exercise activities that help children to reach developmental milestones or recover from injury or illness. Our physiotherapists wear a uniform which includes a polo shirt which can be any colour and navy trousers. 


Psychologists are trained to understand normal development and behaviour in addition to difficulties or problems. Those who work within a hospital setting have a special knowledge of how illness or having a long-term medical condition or a learning disability can affect a young person’s development. A psychologist will assess a child’s behaviour, learning, social abilities, emotional well-being, coping and help to decide if a child has a developmental delay, a specific learning difficulty or a more serious disorder of development.

Psychologists work with children, young people and their families to help them talk about their worries or fears and to try and understand how the young person may be feeling about their illness. They determine how these worries and fears may be affecting their home or school life and to learn ways of coping with their condition so that they can lead as normal a life as possible.


The Psychiatry Department which is located in St Frances Clinic provides support in the diagnosis and management of emotional disorders and difficulties in children and teenagers attending the hospital.

Speech and Language Therapist (SLT)

The Speech and Language Department is located in St Frances Clinic and provides inpatient and outpatient services. SLTs work closely with families, carers and other professionals to assess and treat children’s speech, language, communication and feeding difficulties. Where appropriate they refer children directly to their local Speech and Language Therapy service for further treatment.  Some of our SLTs wear a red polo shirt and navy trousers.

Ward Clerk

Each ward has a Ward Clerk.  The role of the Ward Clerk includes dealing with telephone enquiries and making sure that healthcare records are kept tidy and up to date. This will help each child’s medical team make an informed decision about their treatment. When a child is going home from hospital the Ward Clerk will arrange their out patients appointment.

Ward Household Assistants

The Household Assistants provide food and drinks for children during their stay in hospital. They will inform you of what is on the menu every day and are there to provide you with snacks throughout the day.

Our household staff wear a lavender top with navy trousers.

X-Ray Department

Within the X Ray Department children who are in-patients or out-patients can have a range of x-rays and scans including ultrasound, bone scans, CT scans or MRI scans to diagnose and monitor illnesses or injuries. If you visit the department you may meet a radiographer who will take the x-ray or scan which a specialist doctor called a Radiologist. You may also meet one of our x-ray nurses

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